Berlin Cathedral
Berlin Cathedral

Orphans of ShShenzhen,China          Photos coming soon!                            

It is estimated that China has 1 million orphaned children, many with serious disabilities such as congenital heart disease and cataracts.  Many children are unable to walk and 1 in 10 orphans die from lack of medical care or from loneliness. China has the huge challenge of supplying care for these helpless children and the growing population from the Chinese "baby hatches" left from young, pregnant mothers.  To see these children will break your heart, but there is still hope for them!  My team is partnering with the local churches in Shenzhen to raise funds for the orphans and homeless children there. 

Thank you for allowing me to share our desire to follow Christ's plan for His Great Commission into China. With your prayers, and gifts we can make a difference in Sharing Christ's Love Throughout the World, and maybe join us on a mission trip soon too!

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Thank you & God Bless you for your generous giving! 


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